Air Conditioning Repair and Service Venice Florida

So you’ve been noticing that your car's A/C system is not as effective or doesn't work at all? Bring it in for service right away! We proudly fix all makes and models of vehicles, so there are no worries when choosing our shop. Make sure to come before the heat gets too unbearable - with out vehicle running smoothly again thanks us here first-hand by visiting Gibsons Auto Care today.


We know how hot it gets in Venice during the summertime, which means your car's air conditioning system needs some extra attention. Our ASE certified mechanics will thoroughly inspect yours for any issues and make sure you're cool again before onwarding with repairs or service!


Taking care of your vehicle's air conditioning is important because it can prevent costly repairs. A small leak may lead to damage and corrosion elsewhere in the system, which could cost you even more money down the line!
The most common problems with an AC involve leaks - so make sure never ignore any notice from gauge or warning light on dashboard if this sounds like something that might concern you? Without proper maintenance all these components will eventually wear out until there isn't enough pressure left for anything else work properly either way.

man fixing ac in a car

Mechanic with manometer inspecting auto vehicle air-condition compresser with manometer.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is important to keep clean and running smoothly. If you notice any of the following symptoms, it could mean there's an issue with your unit:
-Mold or mildew smell when turning on AC unit; no cool breeze coming out from vents -Warm/room temperature airflow into car as if nothing were turned on at all (this may also cause passengers' hair dry quickly); strange noises heard while pushing buttons on dashboard near steering wheel."


When you notice any of the problems listed above, bring your vehicle into our Venice car a/c repair shop. We use state-of -the art tools and equipment to properly diagnose the AC problem so it can be restored quickly with precision . You receive honest service that is fairly priced always friendly at Gibsons Auto Care. Call us today! 941-451-8801